Footbag Care

How to take care of your new footbag.
Caring for your new Bomb Footbag is an important part of helping to make it last a long time. The material is a durable synthetic suede material and will most certainly not rip or tear, but obviously the seams are the most fragile part. Pellet filled footbags can take more of a beating because the pellets are fairly big compared to say, a grain of sand. Sand footbags need your extra care so that they will continue to be the fun, freestyle machine that you got in the mail.

So, with that being said, some Do's and Do Not's to help care for your hacky sack:

- Do Not wipe the footbag under your foot to try and scoop it up to start play, simply bend over and pick it up and toss it. This is the number 1 most popular thing people like to do that is terrible for the footbag. It rips at the seams, the fabric and just will make your footbag totally dirty.

- Do keep your footbag dry whenever possible. Water is not going to destroy your footbag by any means, but it is nice not to let it get soaking wet when you're playing with it, the seams are softer and more vulnerable to stretching.

- Do store your footbag in any nice area; on a table, desk, whatever. Just try not to have it stored for a week jammed and smooshed in a corner. Keep it nice and fluffy!

- That's really about it, it's not very complicated, just take good care of the footbag, don't pull apart at the seams, and your footbag will last for a long, long time!

If you need to wash your hacky sack because of all the use, check out this video on YouTube, this guy does a fantastic job of explaining it from start to finish! Be extra gentle with a sand filled footbag, as I said before they are more vulnerable when wet. Only wash your footbag if it really needs it and not all the time.

Let me know if you have any other questions!