Footbag How To & Tricks

Want to learn from the beginning or become an expert? Check out these videos...
Welcome to my How To Footbag / Footbag Tricks and Moves page. This page is a compilation of the best footbag videos on the Internet for learning more about the game. If you're a beginner, learn from the how to videos to increase your foot control and skill with a hacky sack. If you're more advanced, check out these few videos that are an amazing visual explanation of all of the freestyle tricks you can imagine. The videos go from more basic to the hardest and realize that there is a lot of time and practice needed before you can do everything in the final video! They are in order: Footbag Basics, Freestyle Foundations, One Add Moves, Two Add Moves and Three Add Moves. I do not know the guy in these videos personally, but he does a very nice job explaining everything and just in general seems like a really cool character. Enjoy!

Hope This Helps!