Which Footbags Should I Buy?

There are so many great choices here at Bomb Footbags, and this page is all about helping you make the best possible decisions so you are as happy as possible. To start, you'll see categories with a bunch of footbags underneath that fit those descriptions. Click your favorites to head to the product page. Down below, you'll see a written explanation of "pop" and "stall", design, sizing and fillers if you really want to grasp all the options.
I want a great all around footbag.
A perfect all around footbag can do everything you need it to. It's easy to kick, easy to stall, easy to pass, great for the circle or if you're just kicking by yourself. Perfect for the beginner and for the advanced player. It's hard to go wrong with any of these.
Smoke - 32 Sand/Plastic
Aftershock - 14 Sand
Insanity - 62 Metal
Fire - 14 Sand/Plastic
Burn - 32 Metal/Plastic
Kaboom - 12 Sand

I want something that's extremely easy to stall...
Love stalling maneuvers and tricks? These footbags will make them extremely easy... Why? Well, they either have sand or metal filling which helps the footbag collapse, they have a good weight to them and are 50-65% full to make them easier to control.
Avenger - 6 Sand
Aftershock - 14 Sand
Burly Buckshot - 14 Metal
Kaboom - 12 Sand
Heat Mini Pro - 32 Metal
Napalm - 18 Sand/Metal

I want something that has more "pop".
Love a nice, lively footbag that makes for quick passing and quick action in a circle of friends? These hacky sacks are good for that! The classic pop of plastic filling or the high panel count that helps a bag hold its shape makes for a bag with more pop.
Ultimate - 92 Plastic
Annihilator - 50 Sand/Plastic
Ignitor - 152 Metal
Detonation - 62 Sand
Simply Bomb - 8 Plastic
Bomb Diggity - 32 Plastic

I want a smaller footbag that I can really shred! Great for advanced players.
Once you feel comfortable stalling a slightly bigger, slightly floppier footbag, you may want one of these smaller freestyle footbags that you can really get after and take your hacky sack tricks to the next level.
Heat Mini Pro - 32 Metal
Napalm - 18 Sand/Metal

Pop and Stall
Next to each footbag on each main product page (Sand, Metal, Etc) you'll see "Pop" and "Stall" with a 1 - 10 rating system. The amount of "Pop" a footbag has refers to how easy it is to kick up into the air. The other basic description is how "Easy to Stall" it is. A bag that is a 10 you could pretty much drop from your waist down onto your foot and it would stick there without doing much. For the most part, you'll see that a bag with more pop is less easy to stall and a bag that's really easy to stall has less pop and then a bunch of choices in between.

Check out this picture to give you a good reference for the different sizes of hacky sacks we offer. In the description of each footbag, you will see a size. Most footbags are about 2.25 inches in diameter, but we have a few that are slightly smaller and a few that are slightly bigger. Here you see a golf ball which is about 1.8 inches in diameter, then the Heat Mini Pro at 2 inches, then The Aftershock at 2.25 inches, then The Explosion at 2.3 inches, and then a tennis ball.

Footbag Size

A main factor in the design is the number of panels. For the most part, a hacky sack with a lower number of panels will collapse more on your foot and a hacky sack with more panels will hold its shape and have a little more pop to it. The design of the panels does make a difference, and any arrangement that gives the footbag more of a circular shape will add a little bit of pop and help the bag fly “true” in the air. Each bag has a quick paragraph where you can find this information. Now, onto the next important component of how each footbag performs, the filler.

Filler / Weight
I offer a wide range of filler types and mixtures because I think they are all great, help you get specifically what you’re looking for, and it’s just fun to try a bunch of different styles. There is nothing wrong with having a bunch of hacky sacks in your collection. Check out these descriptions and you should have a good feel for the differences and similarities between the different options.

Plastic Footbags – Weight: 55-60 grams. These are filled with a smaller plastic filling that Bomb Footbag's calls its "Perfect Plastic." This plastic filling is a bit smaller and heavier than normal so that the footbag isn't overstuffed, but still has a nice weight to it. They have a great classic feeling of pop and are easy to pass with friends. If you get a plastic pellet filled footbag and you still want to do some tricks, get one with a lower number of panels. The ones with more panels are more lively.

Sand Footbags – Weight: 60 grams. These hacky sacks are the most popular sellers. Sand hacky sacks are great, they have a very soft feel and are great for learning tricks. When you roll a sand footbag around in your hand, you can just tell it will be much easier to stall. The more sand a footbag has, the fuller it will be, and the more pop it will have versus a “dead” feeling. What you like is just a preference.

Metal Footbags – Weight: 65-70 grams. Metal is a filling that may be new to some, but you should quickly give it a shot to see if it’s your favorite. At 40% - 60% full, the heavy weight of the steel shot filler lets us create a hacky sack that is easy to stall and very collapsable. This is the second best seller on the site.

Metal/Plastic Combo Footbags– Weight: 60 grams. I developed the metal/pellet mixture because I wanted to create a footbag that has a similar weight to sand-filled footbags, but without a chance for leakage. Compared to a sand footbag, the feel isn’t identical even though there is a similar weight. The kick of these is more similar to a pellet bag, with great pop, only much easier to stall. If you want an amazing all around, durable footbag, then you have to give these a shot!

Sand/Plastic Combo Footbags – Weight: 60 grams. This is the first mixture I brought to the site and it's still a favorite over a decade later. Typically at about 60% - 65% full, the nice quantity of filler helps the footbag hold its shape, but the sand makes it extremely soft. In your hand, it feels mainly like a sand footbag, I just use the plastic to give it an extra bit of fullness for play. If a regular sand footbag were to be as full as these are, they would just weigh a bit too much. These are perfect.

Putting it all together
If you're still unsure at this point please get a hold of us at bombfootbags@gmail.com and ask for a recommendation. Or, head to these product pages and search around and see what pops out and says, "Yes, I must have it!!"

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