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Bomb Footbags

The Heat Hybrid Pro 2.0

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The iconic 32 panel design, a small/medium 2.15 inch diameter size and a combination of metal/plastic make for a perfect freestyle footbag.  With 40 G. Metal and 30 G. Perfect Plastic, we end with 65% fullness. This takes the small/medium Hybrid Pro size, but mixes the tiny grains of Perfect Plastic with small metal for a wonderful feel, without sand.


Panels: 32

Size: 2.15

Filling: 40 G. Metal / 30 G. Perfect Plastic

Fullness: 65% Full

Pop: 8/10

Stall: 10/10

Shipping & Returns

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Care Instructions

Rule #1 - The better you take care of your footbag, the longer it will last!

Rule #2 - Avoid scraping the hacky sack under your feet on asphalt to scoop it up, this is not good for the longevity of your sweet, sweet footbag!

Rule #3 - Footbags get dirty... this happens. You'll notice I don't use White material on any of my styles. Best to clean with a warm, damp rag. Avoid getting your bag soaking wet as it gets a little stiff when it dries. It's not the end of the world, just a recommendation!

Rule #4 - Kick it and have fun! Don't stress about it too, too much.

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